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25 Jan 2019
CLUB Kawasaki Clicks Over To 4000 Members

From its humble beginnings in 2010 with a concentrated member base, the revered CLUB Kawasaki now celebrates a breakthrough milestone of reaching 4000 members, to the delight of Kawasaki Motors UK.

CLUB Kawasaki is a community where Kawasaki fans and enthusiasts are able to converge and socialise over their interests in all things Kawasaki. Members do not need to own a Kawasaki to join and Kawasaki devotees of all kinds are welcome.

Historically there has always been some form of Kawasaki loyalty organisation in the UK. In more recent times, Kawasaki Motors UK commissioned an agency to launch the official CLUB Kawasaki program. Yearning for more direct contact with our CLUB members, in 2013 Kawasaki Motors UK made the decision to manage CLUB Kawasaki operations in-house under the guidance of Eleanor, Customer Experience and Events Co-ordinator.

Through the CLUB Kawasaki programme, we have developed endless remarkable relationships with members and to facilitate the growth in numbers, Kawasaki Motors UK have dedicated more team members to oversee the program. Jemma and Becky have also become involved with the day-to-day running of CLUB Kawasaki activities.

“My vision for CLUB Kawasaki is to harbour a community for Kawasaki enthusiasts, enabling them to mingle with likeminded people. Members can chat on the forum or meet at the events and for Kawasaki Motors UK the idea is to encourage brand loyalty and giving back to our valued customers,” commented Eleanor.

“The fact that we have just reached 4000 members means a great deal. It reflects that the club is successful and it is important to the members as well. It is still growing and new members are constantly joining which really shows that they see the value in the programme.”

“There is a real sense of community and comradery within the club. I know there are a lot of members who have made lifelong friends through the club and this has to be one of the most rewarding aspects of my role.”

“In recent times Kawasaki Motors UK have revitalised the platforms that our CLUB members use including the forum and website, plus we have elevated the benefits that members are eligible to receive. We involve CLUB Kawasaki in everything that we do. For example, we always have a members area at Motorcycle Live and MCN London Shows which is a place they can come and sit down, have a rest from the show and enjoy free tea, coffee and biscuits! It’s also the best place to meet Kawasaki VIP’s at the shows too, such as race teams and riders.”

CLUB Kawasaki Ambassadors have become an integral piece of the fabric that weaves together the various Kawasaki communes.

“The goal is to have an ambassador per Kawasaki dealership, who organises events and ride outs for the local community of Kawasaki enthusiasts in their precinct. This is where the forum comes into play as it is a stage for members to discuss things and organise such events,” Eleanor explained.

We are always looking to the future and aiming to keep our members happy so for 2019 we are seeking interest from members on attending another K World event, similar to those of the past, where Kawasaki festivities of all kinds take place – Would you like to be there? Let us know on the Club Kawasaki online forum so we can make it happen!